The Grilling Greek

Authentic Greek food on the streets of London (since 2013)

The Food

Growing up in my house was like a festival of food. It was integral in every part of life from holidays to daily meals and everything in between. Everything was fresh, local and prepared with love and detail. The joy on people's faces when they tasted the various delicacies, was priceless.

It's with those fond memories that The Grilling Greek was born. We try and share those moments with everyone who tries our food. The meats we use are local, free range and halal(chicken). The produce like our vine tomatoes, herbs and potatoes are also local and where possible organic. We import only the highest quality Greek products like Extra virgin olive oil, barrel aged feta and Kalamata olives.

Everything prepared and cooked fresh, on the day,  for each event/market ensuring quality and authentic flavors.





Our Story

After years of studying and working at some cool places in New York and London I decided to take the leap, leave it all behind and jump in this wonderful, amazing, sometimes crazy but always fun and rewarding world of street food.  Using my experience, the goal was always to bring the highest quality food and a feeling of being back in Greece.  Along the way I have met some amazing people, from satisfied customers to fellow traders, that have helped me along the way and have become an extended family. This is just the beginning of our story!!!

     Where we've been seen

Having fed quite a few journalists and bloggers over our time, The Grilling Greek has been mentioned by some pretty big names.

Timeout put us in their top 30 of their defining '50 Best Street Food Stalls in London' list.(2015)

Timeout put us in number 18 of their defining '50 Best Street Food Stalls in London' list.(2016)

Timeout put us in their top 30 of their defining '44 Best Street Food Stalls in London' list.(2018)

We appeared on Buzzfeed's '21 London Street Foods That Will Change Your Life'. 

Jamie Oliver Magazine did a feature article on perfect BBQ street food for summer and they got in touch with us to use our recipes.

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